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Latest car news...  Featured car - Chevy says: check this out.............

Chevy says: Check this out!






The McLaren P1 makes everything else look like the past

Tell him which are your greatest car manufacturers

Latest news

Zenvo ST1


Denmark’s first-ever supercar – the Zenvo ST1 – promises 1,104bhp and lots of pointy bits

Read about the big Dane

TAGS// Supercar, Corvette

VR Camaro

Cam’ buster

Want a Camaro in full UK spec… with extra Reventon styling and a supercharger? You’re in luck…

Check out Chevy's new monster

TAGS// Chevrolet Camaro, Camaro, Corvette ZR1

Specter’s C6 GTR

The full Werkes

SEMA, the world’s biggest tuning show, kicks off next week. Will we see a cooler Corvette than Specter’s C6 GTR?

See the tuned-up C6

TAGS// Corvette C6, Corvette, SEMA 2009

24 Hours of GT-R

24 Hours of GT-R

Nissan’s lethal GT1 race car heads to Spa for the big 24 hour race

Read about Godzilla

TAGS// Nissan, Nissan GT-R, Maserati

Bertone Mantide

Mantide’s mystery buyer

Who’s shelling out £1.3 million for Jason Castriota’s insane Corvette-based hypercar?

Read about the Mantide

TAGS// Bertone Mantide, McLaren F1, Corvette ZR1

SV 9 Competizione Corvette

Taking it to the Competizione

Italian coachbuilding outfit gets its hands on a Corvette C6, makes it more Italian

Read about the Vette

TAGS// Corvette, Corvette C6, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Bertone Mantide

Mantide after ’Ring

Is the mental Bertone supercar out to beat the Corvette ZR1’s Nurburgring crown?

Read about the Mantide

TAGS// Bertone Mantide, Bertone, Corvette ZR1

Hennessey Engineering’s Corvette Z700

Texan tuner reveals 705bhp ZR1

Hennessey Performance bumps up Corvette’s power. We like

Read about the Vette

TAGS// Corvette ZR1, Corvette, Porsche 911 GT3

Corvette ZR-1

Hard Cor’

Mental Vette ZR1 gets launch control and a new traction control system

Read about the Corvette

TAGS// Corvette, Corvette ZR1, Jeremy Clarkson

Fornasari Racing Buggy

Bring on the zombies…

We know what we’ll be driving when the apocalypse comes: the Fornasari Racing Buggy

Read about the buggy

TAGS// Corvette ZR1

M Concept


South African designer creates stunning BMW supercar concept. There is no logical reason not to build this…

Read about the M Concept

TAGS// BMW, Mercedes, Audi

Superior Sport Wagon

Fin for the win

American retro wagon gets us nostalgic for the drive-in. And jukeboxes. And girls called Lois

Have a look at the retro Superior Sport Wagon

TAGS// Superior Sport Wagon, Corvette

Jeremy on the Corvette ZR1

Jeremy on the Corvette ZR1


"It’s the sheer surprise of the 638bhp that impresses most. Stabbing the throttle is like lying in a hammock on a warm tropical evening and then falling out. You’re just not ready for the rush".

TAGS// Corvette ZR1, Jeremy Clarkson

Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS

Wild orange

Meet the mad Dutch four-door supercar with the even madder name

Read about the Bewerp Savage

TAGS// Four-door supercars, Corvette C6, Corvette

Geiger Corvette Z06

Nuclear power

German tuning house Geiger gives the Corvette Z06 a mighty 890bhp. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

Read about the Z06

TAGS// Corvette Z06, Corvette, Geiger


Reassuringly expensive

Price revealed for Jason Castriota’s Corvette ZR1-based supercar. It is not cheap

Bertone announces price for nuts Mantide supercar

TAGS// Mantide, Jason Castriota, Corvette ZR1

Top Gear does GT3

Corvette Z06R GT3


‘Maybe not the quickest in a straight line, but everything seems to gel better. Feels like it’s on your side...'

For more info, check out the May issue of Top Gear magazine, on sale now.

TAGS// Corvette

550bhp rallycross Ford Fiesta

’Cross fire

Mental 550bhp rallycross Ford Fiesta has us longing for the new ST…

Read about the fast Ford

TAGS// Ford Fiesta, Ford, WRC

Stile Bertone Mantide

Red ’Tide

Jason Castriota’s Corvette ZR1-based hypercar is here. You’ve never seen anything like it

Read about the Mantide

TAGS// Stile Bertone, Jason Castriota, Ferrari P4/5

Featured car - A small selection from the TG inbox

A small selection from the TG inbox

Just some of our favourite recent emails... Got something to say? Send it to editor@topgear.com

Galleries, The Extra Mile

Latest news

Hammond drives the icons: Chevy Corvette

Think of rebels without a cause, of Californian sunshine, and you’ll be thinking of the Corvette…

Galleries, Richard Hammond, Chevrolet

The Real Deal: TG in the Martini Porsches

Two racing Porsches from two eras. Both with Martini livery. Exciting times...

Galleries, Porsche, 911

Equus reveals the Bass 770

640bhp worth of modern day American muscle packed into the silhouette of a classic Mustang

Galleries, Ford, Mustang

Your weekend in cars

We asked @BBC_TopGear followers to tell us what they’d been up to this weekend. Here's what you came back with…


Wallpapers: Porsche GT3

Treat your computer's desktop to a selection of hi-res images of the new hardcore 911

Galleries, Porsche 911 GT3, Wallpapers

’55 Lincoln concept up for sale

Stunning ‘Indianapolis’ design study is coming up for auction, and it’s very orange

Galleries, Auction, Lincoln

911 Turbo and Turbo S cabrios revealed

One of the fastest and most useable supercars in the world is now available without a roof

Galleries, Porsche, Ferrari

Top Gear Live breaks records in Warsaw

The Polish round of TG Live draws record crowds. And much fire and tyre smoke


A small selection from the TG inbox

Just some of our favourite recent emails... Got something to say? Send it to editor@topgear.com


The man who builds F1 cars in his shed

Learn how to build your very own F1 car in a shed, with a bloke called Kev


This is a £4.6m gold Aventador

But it’s only a model: gold-wrapped Lamborghini on display in Dubai coming up for auction

Galleries, Lamborghini, Lamborghini Aventador

Classified ad of the week: Bugatti Veyron

You voted it your favourite car from the past two decades. Now buy it…

Galleries, Bugatti, Veyron

951 miles in the new Rolls Royce Wraith

Ollie Marriage has a dinner appointment in Vienna. And the keys to the latest Rolls…

Galleries, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Rolls-Royce

The 50 greatest cars of the past 20 years

To celebrate our mag's 20th birthday, here they are (with help from you all)

Galleries, Top Gear magazine

Nuvolari’s old Alfa 8C sells for £5.9m

In the week we drive the 4C, 1935 GP car becomes most expensive Alfa ever sold at auction

Galleries, Auction, Alfa Romeo

Top Gear magazine in 1997

All the covers and quotes from another year in the life of Top Gear mag

Galleries, Top Gear magazine covers

TopGear.com at the Goodwood Revival

The best bits from Lord March’s pre-1966 time warp

Galleries, Goodwood, Goodwood Revival

Welcome to the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show

Special exhibition at this year’s show recalls icons from 30 years ago…

Galleries, Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Chevy says: Check this out!

Top Gear magazine in 1996

All the covers and quotes from another year in the life of Top Gear mag

Galleries, Top Gear magazine covers

100 best cars

100 most bea

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 vs. 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Comparison Test

utiful cars

More car news




Corvette ZR1

Most potent version of US legend seeks to blow away Euro opposition


Alonso....... interesting?






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