FAQ Xenon verlichting

Seven are available 
Package:2pcs HID Xenon Bulb+ 2 x Super Slim 35w Digital HID AC Ballast 
Detail:H1  /H4-3 /H7 / H3 /H11  /HB3 9005 / HB4 9006 ALL 6000K (The Brightest Temperature Colour)

    Feature :


    Best performance guaranteed for the lowest price without sacrificing the product quality.
  HID Life time: More than 3200 hours average lifetime.
  As long as 35W power supply, greatly reducing vehicle power system load, the power loss save 50%
  300% brightness upgrade, as taller, wider, farther and allows you to travel more secure.



*Bulb Type:H1/H4-3/H7/H3/H11/HB3(9005)/HB4(9006)
*No. of bulbs:2pcs 
*No. of ballasts:2pcs 
*Input voltage range:9V -16V 
*Rated voltage: 13.2V 
*Current Norm:3.2A 
*Current In Max:20A 
*Power Out:35W 
*Temperature:-40C -105C 
*Color Temperature:6000K
*Brightness:3400 Lumens,3 times brighter than same kind halogen lamps 
*Lifespan: >3000 hours,5 times longer life span than same kind halogen lamps 


*You MUST DISABLE Daytime Running Light or "Auto Switch-On" functions before the HID installation. 
* HID systems require a minimum and continuous 12 Volt power source, which could be effected by "automatic lighting" that comes on various vehicles. 



What is Xenon HID?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp is a new type of lighting technology that replaces the conventional halogen lamp. HID lamps replace filaments of halogen lamps with electrodes. It uses electrical discharge technology to ignite inert gas (Xenon gas) contained in a sealed bulb inside. It was first developed and used in mid-90s, and up until today, this expensive better technology are still only used on high-end Luxury and Performance cars. Now, it can be used on yours! Please check local laws / regulations before purchase the product. We will not be held responsible in anyway for the misuse and violation of the laws when using these products.

What are the advantages of Xenon HID?

High Intensity Brightness, 3 times brighter than the halogen lamp. Way longer life than the halogen lamp, last 2500 hours or more. That should well cover at least 5+ years on the car. Energy efficient, it only draws 35W of power while a normal halogen lamp consumes 55W but produce less brightness. In addition, unlike the halogen lamp which has filament inside the bulb. The filament is easily broken and the bulb will no longer be working once the filament is broken. With HID, there is no filament inside the bulb, instead there is Xenon Gas. Since there is no filament inside the HID bulb, there will be no failure bulbs causing by the break of filament for all HID bulbs. Finally the color, it will produce whiter light beam that would illuminate the road ahead to produce better visibility and create a safer driving condition and reduce accidents.


How to choose?

Different lamp apply to different auto models, the HID Xenon lamp is separated into the following types:

  • H1, H3, H4, H7, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, D2C/R/S, D4S.
  • 4300k~yellow white
  • 6000k~shallow yellow
  • 8000k~blue white
  • Not sure what size bulbs your car uses ? Click here to search your vehicle's Bulbs Size application!
  • If you are still not clear which type to use,please contact with our professional stuff for consulting service.

Please NOTE:

The law for using HID kit may differ in different countries. As we sell the item globally, we advise to consult local law before consumption. We are not responsible for any consequences. We sell the kit for shows & off road user only.

    HID Installation :


HID lights are not too difficult to install yourself, if you have the time and a little technical know-how. Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation on how to install your new HID conversion kit.you can download our HID Installation Manual Here


    Package :

  • 2 x Super Bright 6000k Waterproof Xenon HID Bulb  (Bulb's type as you choose)
  • 2 x HID Slim Ballast
  • 1 Pack x Screws
  • 1 x Installation Manual